Retail Product Support

  • Professional item demonstration
  • Active Support of order
  • Consumer care support
  • Online chat & social media assurance
  • Light accomplishment

Hardware & Software

  • Submissions in addition to third party integrations
  • Consumer support desk
  • System observing to remotely check sites from a few geographic checking stations at chosen interims
  • Effective technical support

Online Education

  • Technical assurance for classroom
  • Abutment for itinerary & register listing
  • For students and faculty there is network support
  • Resets for password

Food & Beverage

  • Demonstration of components
  • Support of customer
  • Coupon accomplishment
  • Certification of incidents
  • Support for recall

Healthcare & Medical

  • Medical Plan with cover of insurance support
  • Services of Appointment
  • Directory done through online and numerous benefits Triage Support
  • Front desk health facility
  • Medicinal smart device and application assurance

Marketing Support

  • Verification of the Lead information
  • Surveys lead to fulfillment
  • No indirect answer

Service Industries

  • Active listing of events
  • Hospitality is assured
  • Proper management of leasing & possessions

Telecom & ISP

  • Effectual tech support for Fiber internet services, VOIP and IPTV services
  • Customer care desk

Outsourced Agents

  • Experienced and trained agents
  • Outsourced agents are there for inContact